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The Blue Workshop for MS (le mercredi, de 14h à 15h15)
Children will experience an introduction to the English language, and gain an introductory vocabulary through song, arts & crafts, games, and other types of group activity. Most workshops will be theme based, and will follow seasonal holidays & events.

The Red Workshop for GS/CP (le mercredi, de 15h45 à 17h)
Stepping up from L'atelier Bleu/The Blue Workshop, children will continue their exploration through the English language and cultures with added vocabulary & introduction into some conversational basics. Song, arts & crafts, games, and other type of group activity are used. Children will familiarize themselves with conversational skills, spelling, and begin working on written exercises, along with L'Atelier Anglophone basics of learning thorough recreational activities.

The Turquoise Workshop for CM1/CM2/6ème (le jeudi, de 16h30 à 18h)
Children already bring a working knowledge of the English language into this workshop, having learned the basics and more. The focus lies on being able to communicate with fluency & meaning, not necessarily correctness. This is gained through practical conversation, both formal & informal, and age appropriate themes. Children will be able to fine tune their pronunciation, and learn new vocabulary words according to weekly themes. Grammar-based questions will be addressed on an "as needed" basis only.

The Purple Workshop for CP/CE1/CE2 (le lundi, de 16h30 à 18h)
The Combo Workshop for CP/CE1/CE2 (le mardi, de 16h30 à 18h)
The Palette Workshop for CP/CE1/CE2 (le vendredi, de 16h30 à 18h)
Children of all ages come together, for the exposure of the English language & Anglo- culture activities. They will engage in thematic activities including music, games, and arts & crafts, with a tailoring to individual levels. These three workshops encompass the principles of all other workshops. Age related needs will be addressed into each session.